graphic designer


Shane likes to make things, take pictures and laugh at silly jokes.  He makes the most amazing graphic portraits.   It's true!


the GaykeTopper Team

Mary & Mimi

Architect & Muse, respectively

Mary and Mimi have been together for 9-1/2 years, officially married since July 3, 2013


in a world of disposable tchotckes, we wanted to design and create a caketopper with material integrity & symbolism, and a useful, artful end purpose:  sculpture and/or tea candle ever after your caketopping celebration!

GaykeToppers are designed and constructed by a gay architect and her artisan friends in a home workshop in Pasadena, CA.  Each GaykeTopper is HANDCRAFTED with love and joy making each topper one of a kind.... like all of us!

Copyright 2013. GaykeToppers. All Rights Reserved.

the sum of the parts is the whole


the Sales Team


our amazing friends...  they are wonderful and perhaps you will meet them 

at a local traveling booth during the Castro street fair, or in P Town or

New York. They are everywhere.